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My name is Luke Wyatt. I am part of The Dragonet Team @

DragonetMC App in the works!


I am creating an Android app for the team. The source code will be available on GitHub some time in the next few days. It utilizes Google’s Material Design and will be available on devices running Android 4.0+.

But i want a DragonProxy app!!

This will come in a few months. Please, be patient!

DragonProxy Repo hit 100 Stargazers on Github

Recently, our most successful project DragonProxy has hit 100 stargazers on GitHub.

This is a big achievement for us, and helps motivate us to carry on development, along with donating to us.  By donating to us you are helping fund stuff such as hiring web designers and website hosting. But if you do not want to donate, we won’t try to make you.

We would also appreciate it if you could share the project and keep following our progress.